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Hello traveller. My name is Peter Gifford, and these are my travel diaries, transcribed from notebooks I take with me. I stick tickets and brochures in them as I go, and write freehand on unlined pages, so the actual objects become artifacts brought back with me from distant lands, far better than souvenirs. Here, on this website, you can read the words and see some of the accompanying photos.

The reason I’ve put them online is to inspire you to travel, explore, and learn about the world. Especially if you’re young. Do it now, get away from the computer and social media, and see what it’s like out there. Chances are you’ll never regret any of it, even the toughest experiences.

Leave a comment on the appropriate page, or contact me using the form below.

One last thing, of course, please do not use anything on this site in any form without my permission. Thankyou.

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