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Welcome to the diary I kept while travelling for ten days in Egypt.

Egypt. If there’s one place I’d always wanted to go to as a child, it was Egypt. I harboured the dream of being an archaeologist for a few years, and I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt as a child.

It still surprises me that I’ve only been there for ten days and haven’t yet had the opportunity to return. I was 25, it was at the end of my first long trip of a year overseas, and I was running out of money – in fact, at the end I was travelling on a credit card. I’d been to Italy and Greece with a girl who was a friend of a friend; not someone I had a lot in common with, but an OK travelling companion; and at the last minute we both decided to get on a plane to Cairo, with no bookings or travel plans whatsoever.

It was only ten days, but it felt like a month of experiences. The ancient sights of Egypt were everything I’d hoped they would be, but I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed talking with the friendly locals; once I got past the usual shallow touristy interactions, of course. In fact, my brother went to Egypt several years later and, on my recommendation, went to Ali’s African Restaurant in Luxor. He mentioned me, and Ali said he remembered me. When my brother told me this I thought, ‘yeah, sure…’ but then he said Ali had said “your brother, he was more … open” as he waved his hand over the top of his head and smiled. What did that mean? Well, my brother didn’t get the bald gene in our family.

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Fe sahetek!

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