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We really feel like wrapping things up now; just want to see a last few things and go home. The hasslers are pretty persistent and annoying around here, not surprisingly. We organised with the hotel for a car to Fatehpur Sikri this morning (400 Rs), so after breakfast at a place nearby, we were driven the roughly 40 km to get there. The place was swarming with hasslers, would-be guides, kids selling junk and “come-see-my-shop-don’t-buy-just-look” men. Even being inside the huge and spectacular Jama Masjid offered no respite from them. The mosque was amazing though, and reminded me a bit of Ibn Tulun in Cairo.

Then we explored the 16th century site of Fatehpur Sikri, which was in amazing condition. It was easy to imagine the wide courtyards and colonnades populated by the people of the time. Very interesting and atmospheric. We were running out of energy though, so some of the wonder was lost on us.

A couple of hours later the taxi took us back to the hotel. Overdue for a treat, we took a cycle rickshaw to the nearby Hotel Park Plaza, a swish place, and enjoyed an excellent Indian buffet for about 260 Rs each. We really needed it. In the foyer we organised a taxi for tomorrow to take us to Delhi (2200 Rs), so were all set. We have only to cap our sightseeing with the Taj Mahal tomorrow morning.

Back at the hotel room we’re now relaxing and taking it easy. I’m finally starting to improve health-wise, ready for home.

Later we had a truly crappy small meal in the courtyard of the hotel (I swear I crunched dirt in a mouthful of ‘fried rice’) and went to bed. Did I mention the electricity keeps cutting out here?

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