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Welcome to my travel diary for India, which I visited from November 1997 to January 1998.

This was without doubt the most difficult of my adventures overseas, but one of the most rewarding. Six weeks is a long trip in such a challenging country, and a busy itinerary meant the constant travelling took its toll. My girlfriend at the time K and I became caught in a cycle of sickness, though rarely did the cycles match up, so often one of us was sick in bed while the other was OK. It wasn’t so much the usual stomach troubles, but a bad flu that left us completely run down and exhausted.

Thankfully, it was a long trip and there were plenty of excellent days to outweigh the bad ones. India is endlessly fascinating; a continual assault on all the senses. One’s privacy and piece of mind is always being assaulted as well, by touts and con-men. Never in the world have I been to a place where the hassling is more persistent and annoying. We found it difficult to get to know people in India, because of the impenetrable wall of shonky ‘businessmen’ between the traveler and the average person. And they are always men; it’s also a misogynistic society that sadly, only seems to have gotten worse in this respect in recent years (or perhaps we’re all just hearing more about it); which made things even more difficult for my companion.

A country of challenges, but definitely a must-see; there really is no other place like it on the planet.

Please note these are scans from photo prints; I tried to get the best quality I could but they simply don’t match today’s digital standards.

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Badhai Ho!

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