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Welcome to my travel diary for Cambodia and Laos, which Carol and I visited in November 2019.

After spending a day exploring the temple ruins of My Son in Vietnam last year, Carol and I decided that evening to visit Cambodia and Laos the following year. I’ve always wanted to see Angkor Wat, of course. But after Vietnam we also found ourselves more and more interested in the history of the huge region the colonial-era French dismissively named ‘Indochina’.

In hindsight, after this trip, we could have easily spent three weeks in either of these countries. One of the great pleasures of travelling is to fix the uniqueness of a country in the mind, begin to understand how different it is from its neighbours, and in this case, to comprehensively banish ridiculous concepts like ‘Asia’ as a collective description.

Again, we were lucky to met some great people, and it was especially satisfying to learn even more about the Hmong people, a fascinating tribal culture we first became fully aware of in Sapa, Vietnam.

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Choul mouy / Tham Keo!

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