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It’ll be a few days before we’re well enough to see any of Udaipur. Spent much of today in bed – slept through the morning, came downstairs for lunch, sat on our balcony a bit, read in bed. The room is small but comfortable, and the shower is good and hot. A great little balcony allows us to look out over Lake Pichola; we can see the Lake Palace on the left. The weather’s fine. Now if only we can both get well.

A small dinner took ages to be served; the boss was out and only two zombie-slow people in the kitchen were working.

The owner, Eské, is a very English-sounding, particular, middle-aged Indian man. They serve about ten varieties of tea. When our rickshaw driver was coming back to badger the hotel about a commission just after he dropped us off (unbelievable!), he (the owner) abused him and sent him off, muttering as he came back inside, “Indian asshole”.

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