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I felt quite positive when I woke up this morning but by the end of the day I got a bit depressed about being in this amazing, exotic place and stuck in a hotel sniffing and coughing. As I said to K today, it’s like being in the lolly shop and not being allowed to eat anything. What’s worse, the rate of improvement seems so slow – K’s been sick for 9 days now, me for 4, and neither of us have the energy to do much of anything. I better stop writing about this as I’ll blurb on in self-pity for paragraphs if I’m not careful; I already whinge too much to K and she’s fed up with it. Unfortunately I just like to express my frustration, even if it doesn’t do any good!

We spent most of the day in the hotel room, though I did get a couple of hours in the sun on the rooftop catching up in this diary and reading. K went to the Indian Airlines office and got tickets from Varanasi to Agra for the 4th Jan, and confirmed our existing ones. We ate lunch and dinner in our room.

As the sun goes down, the monkeys (white with black faces, nimble long limbs and long tails) come out and play around the rooftops.

I really hope we’re better tomorrow. I’m going stir crazy. I’d like to remember India as more than a place where I was sick a lot!

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