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Last day in Hoi An! And for the first time, a hit sunny day with clear blue skies. After breakfast, we met Sue and her boyfriend Phuc outside the hotel, where they had their bikes and extra helmets ready for us. I hopped on the back of Phuc’s bike and Carol on Sue’s, and we rode down the road to a local coffee shop, where we had coffees, a chat and laugh. Phuc is a nice young guy who is obviously devoted to supporting his vivacious, smart girlfriend! They invited us for lunch as well but since it was our last afternoon in Hoi An we begged off this time, and instead they dropped us at the market and we had a last wander, ending up at a place by the river for lunch called Mai Fish.

A bit more shopping and back to the hotel, where after a rest we showered and changed and met my brother-in-law downstairs for a drink! He’d been driven down from Da Nang (where he works managing a hotel) to join us for the evening. We walked to a second-floor bar above a busy corner of the market; a very cool little spot with a good wine selection. After a couple of drinks, a cheese platter, and a good chat, we strolled on to the Morning Glory restaurant, where by great good luck we scored an upstairs balcony table with a view of the street.

After an excellent dinner and a lot of laughs we walked him to the outskirts of the old town to meet his driver. A great night and quite surreal to just meet my brother-in-law in Hoi An like that!

Back to the hotel and fun goodbye photos with Sue. There were lots of hugs and good wishes, and we said our final goodbyes.

We weren’t expecting all this emotion and attention from hotel staff in Vietnam, and it’s been amazing to make such good friends. Lots of new Facebook friends for Carol.

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