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Fourteen hours later I was in Selcuk. The trip, while very long and boring, was not as bad as I was expecting. We stopped about four times at characterless service stations, and I dozed fitfully, often in a strange half asleep and dreaming/half awake state. After a change of bus I was in Selcuk about 10.30am. Found a good, friendly pension, talked with a guy from Montreal who worked for the game company Ubisoft (who I have indirectly done work for) and had a snooze. My back is killing me.

I wandered around the messily restored ruins of the Cathedral of St John on the hill in town, sent an email to Mum, and had a beer and Turkish pizza in a pleasant square featuring a fountain and the remains of a Roman aqueduct.

Back at the pension I joined people gathered on the rooftop drinking wine. I talked with a few people, notably an older woman from Melbourne and a French girl who works here.

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